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ARC Book Review: Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Snow Like Ashes - Sara Raasch

Meira is an orphan, one of only a handful of refugees of the fallen kingdom of Winter fighting to regain a lost locket of magical power. When she manages to restore half of the lost locket, it sets into motion a series of events that will reveal old secrets and hopefully help free her people the enslaved Winterians from Spring’s cruel tyranny and restore the rightful heir to the throne.

I found Snow like Ashes to be a marvellous book. Among its strengths were definitely its world-building, which was filled with a rich history and diverse culture and traditions that helped to propel the plot. I loved reading about all the little intricate details which although at times was a little info-dumpy, it didn’t detract from the storytelling itself. My only problem is my own inability to understand how a nation eternally ensconced in winter can possibly provide their own food with their crops dormant, but grass and trees still growing underneath eternal snow. I’ve taken it upon myself to believe that these particular crops are ice and frost-proof, as crops would have to be if they were able to grow during winter. Makes sense, no?

The other strength was Meira herself, who was an extraordinary young adult heroine, capable and kick-ass and not in the least bit likely to damsel herself into a corner. She never felt sorry for herself and wanted to prove herself to her father figure, Sir (William), and to her fallen kingdom. I was often angry on her behalf as people refused to tell her important plot points like, “Oh, you’re going to marry someone now” and “Here, we’re holding a ball, surprise!” and she found out in the worst ways possible that her destiny was not her own. But she always took the blows, rolled, and got up again, and that’s why I really like her. I adore her fighting spirit, even when she’s supposed to be broken, even when she’s supposed to be terrified and in pain. She never gave up or gave in to despair. She was strong.

There was a plot twist I guessed fairly early on only because it would have been totally cool if I was right, and I was. That’s not to say that the mysteries were not well handled. The (almost) inevitable love triangle seemed really blah to me, though. Although both boys were excruciatingly hot (as seen in one particular half-naked, sweaty hot boys training to fight scene which was particularly memorable), I never really got a sense that Meira knew either of them much deeper than that. By that I mean the boy she grew up with was the only boy her age and it felt a lot like infatuation – and when she was presented with another suitable suitor, she didn’t really feel anything for him at all, and her feelings for the first boy kind of spluttered to a halt. I think Meira felt like she was supposed to be in love with Mather because he was her future king, and when she was faced with another opportunity, she didn’t quite know what to do. Which really, is an awesome situation for a sixteen year old girl to be in, because she’s not developed mentally or emotionally enough ot be able to deal with all this angst. So that was great.

Overall I’d recommend Snow Like Ashes as a wonderful start to a brilliant new series for any fantasy lover, especially if you love strong, take-no-shit heroines who wield mighty chakrams like Xena: Warrior Princess (that’s the thing on the cover, BTW). Also, the blurb says 'Game of Thrones meets Graceling' and it's really not like either of those things.


I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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The DUFF film trailer

I didn't blog for about three weeks, and I was planning on staying away a bit longer, but I saw the trailer for The DUFF and had to blog about it.


The Diviners - Libba Bray

I'm guessing I'm about 10% in, almost at the end of part 1, and Evie is THE MOST AMAZING CHARACTER EVER. She's sassy and loves attention but she's not stupid and know she needs to take care of herself. WOW.

1% (audiobook)

The Diviners - Libba Bray

Third person present tense? Hmmm

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Happiness on a Friday afternoon is...

A lovely personalised email from a publicist always makes me smile. New book on the way!


Also, my blog has a new header. I manipulated it myself. Thought about adding text. Didn't. Couldn't get anything the way I wanted it. This is just temporary until I get my new blog design.


The countdown widget for Shadow Study that wouldn't work on my other blog works on my new one. :)


Also, I finally figured out how to see how many RSS subscribers I have. I'm close to 3000 followers over all social media. That also makes me happy.

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No wonder I needed a break

I just confessed on someone's blog post about running multiple blogs that I run a grand total of NINE blogs.


Yeah. NINE.


Not even joking.


On top of that I work full time and have another part-time job.


No wonder I needed a break from my book blog.

Ugh, Wordpress is just THE WORST

I have multiple accounts and I'm trying to transfer all of my separate blogs into one account and delete all the extra users.


But it turns out you can't delete the original admin.


Well, you can, but you have to contact Wordpress support.


Which you can ONLY do if you have a paid upgrade, not a free account.


Wordpress should be renamed Worstpress.


My blog has moved to It's still undergoing some maintenance.

Self hosted blogging question

OK peeps, when you migrate everything over to the new self-hosted blog, what do you do with your old blog?

  • Shut it down?
  • Make it private?
  • Keep it public and still get subscribers?
  • Or pay to get an automatic redirect?

Fight, fight, fight!

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My unintentional blogger blackout

I got my blog back, but my brief foray into promoting authors is over.


My blog (NOT self-hosted) was temporarily suspended for breaking Wordpress TOS.


It was suspended because for the past two months while I've been neglecting my reading I have been taking part in a LOT of one-shot book blitz/book blast promotional-type activity. I figured that even if I wasn't reading I could do what authors want us bloggers to do and still promote them, right?


FYI, Wordpress prohibits the following:

"Book tour blogs: Blogs that consist of scraped, pre-written content, as opposed to original book reviews, for the purpose of promoting books and driving traffic to other promotional and giveaway sites."


So this was what I was doing. i was promoting the fuck out of authors. I was adding in buy links, as most of the tour companies demanded. Those promotional posts are what got me suspended.


If I was on Blogspot of self-hosted I would still be okay. I didn't know about this rule for Wordpress. I've been running my blog for over two years and only recently started taking part in tours because I know how much authors are supposed to appreciate us promoting and supporting them.


I didn't want the pressure of having to fit in reading a ton more books into my already crippling huge to-read pile, so I signed up to all of the posts that required minimal effort on my part.


I've learned my lesson. I was going to take a break away from the blog for the rest of the year anyway. I've been thinking about self-hosting for a while. This was my call to arms.


When I start blogging again it'll be with a brand new self-hosted blog.


Thanks so much for all your support guys, you really made the agonizing wait so much easier. It's so nice to know that people care.


FOR CLARIFICATION: If I was adding in reviews to all those promotional posts I did, I'd be OK. But I didn't, because I wasn't reading. I was promoting only. Wordpress didn't like that.

“Just Say Hale No To The Taliban”

Trout Nation takes on Deb Smith's horrendous case of foot in mouth. Really, an infection that virulent should be quarantined.


From Nemo: I wanted to post some quotes but I would have ended up posting the whole thing. Just read it.

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Whatever has become of us?

So I'm feeling pretty down atm because of my blog being suspended.


I wrote quick updates on Booklikes, Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook so my followers would know why I wasn't blogging.


FYI i have over 2500 followers over all my social media platforms. I figured some would actually care that I lost my blog.


I got one response on Twitter which is OK because I basically use it as promotion only. i got 2 responses on Facebook which is ok i guess despite the fact I have over 700 fans. Facebook's algorithms probably made it so no one saw the update in the first place.


By far the biggest support I've found was here on Booklikes. On Goodreads I got a couple of condolence comments. But here on Booklikes you guys went out of your way to make me feel better, offer condolences, make suggestions etc.


Booklikes is a better place than Goodreads.


I feel invisible on Goodreads. I feel like no one reads my reviews or even my status updates. I hardly communicate with anyone. Often when I do comment I'm the last one, so I feel like I kill a conversation. Maybe that's because I live in Australia so the conversation's over by the time I wake up. Just another reason for me to feel isolated.


I started blogging because of that isolation. I wanted to be part of this fabulous book community because there's not one where I live.


It used to be better on Goodreads years ago. Votes were generous. I made the top reviewers with ease. I often got comments on my reviews. Now I'm lucky if any review gets more than 1 vote. Radio silence everywhere.


Not that I think I'm fabulous and I 'deserve' this interaction. Not at all. But it's a different place than it was when i first started blogging.


I told my husband about this, about how I feel disillusioned with Goodreads, and how people are nicer and friendlier and we have a better community on Booklikes, and he said, "Didn't all the good people from Goodreads move to Booklikes?"


I guess he's right.


Thanks for being the wonderful community you are. Thanks for caring. Thanks for showing me how much you care when I really needed it.

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