The Moonlight Library


I love my cats. That's one of them - the little runt girl -  busy being my blog's mascot. When I get home from work, they always and without fail come running to say hi. My little girl waits patiently for me to take my shoes off and sit down in her favourite chair, then she kind of pops up on her hind legs to make sure there's room for her on my lap. Sometimes she needs an invitation, but most of the time she'll leap up and settle right away for a long cuddle while I check my social media, chat to my fiance, and wind down.


She's not allowed on my lap while I'm eating, and she knows this, but she'll still try to sneak up anyway. As soon as my lap is clear, though, she's up. She'll stay there forever, and only basic necessities will move her - toilet, hunger, thirst, or if she gets too hot.


Recently my little girl has taken to perching on my shoulder as I'm blogging at my computer. She's perfectly content to hang out there over my shoulder for ages, and sometimes she even puts her head down and goes to sleep.


My other cat, my big tom, isn't much of a lap snuggler but he does enjoy one now and then. He prefers bedtime cuddles, and loves to sleep on my pillow (honestly I think my fiance trained him to do that). But sometimes I get both of them on my lap, and it's one of the best feelings in the world.