A Breath of Frost (The Lovegrove Legacy) - Alyxandra Harvey

I'm listening to my instincts on this one.

I'm not abandoning it because most of the 'ff', 'fi' and 'fl' combinations are mysteriously missing from this ARC copy. I can figure out what they mean.

I'm abandoning it because three major events happen in quick succession and the three lead girls seem completely unfazed by the earthquake, the fire, and the frost. They don't care, and they're not reacting at all to these major events. One of the girls broke her only remaining keepsake of her mother and was only vaguely annoyed at the person who caused her to drop it. One of the other girls is supposedly very close to her mother, and when he mother asks why she's wet the girl brushes off the enquiry and doesn't mention said earthquake, fire and frost. Why write that stuff in if the girls don't react?

I'm also quitting because there's a surprise fourth point of view unmentioned in the blurb, and the prose is attempting to emulate Jane Austen wit and failing.