Tell the Wind and Fire - Sarah Rees Brennan

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I’m not usually one to say a character is ever outright stupid, but Lucie must be the stupidest of any heroine I’ve ever read, and that includes Bella ‘my life revolves around a vampire who wants to kill me’ Swan and Nora ‘sexual assault is sexy’ Grey.

There’s heat of the moment act-first-think-later bad decisions, then there’s contemplated ‘this could actually kill us because it’s dangerously illegal but screw it it’ll make for a good plot nothing else’ bad decisions.

I mean, one after another, Lucie makes bad decisions, and for no particular reason. Not because she’s not thinking straight, or is distracted, or her life is threatened. Just because she’s a bad decision maker. She visits the doppelganger for absolutely no reason at all, decides to take him out socialising just because, takes off his hood even though they wear them for legal reasons, then in the middle of an alleged drug raid (I say ‘alleged’ because no guards were seen and no one else in the club responded AT ALL even though guard cars were seen outside? Maybe everyone was too high to care?) unbinds the magical handcuffs connecting them which allows him to push her off the bridge she was standing too close to the edge of, knowing all the while this boy was not to be trusted, that he was evil, I mean for god’s sake he warned her himself he wasn’t to be trusted.

And not once did she think about her actions, or perhaps regret anything. Nope, just pure, kind-hearted Lucie being nice to a creature who continues to be rude and outright mean to her. Lucie pushing her way into business that is not hers to invade. Lucie poke poke poking the dangerous wild creature until it bites her and then not even wondering why it behaved that way, just kind of expecting that it would but she goes on poking it anyway. For the sake of plot, perhaps.

I have read other unfavourable reviews from trusted fellow reviewers Emily May and Khanh that show me the book is not going to improve.

I just can’t. DNF at 32%.