Burning Glass - Kathryn Purdie


"After a really strong opening chapter the pace has plummeted into a very boring scene."



"So what, they just left her in the snow while they went about their business?!"



"It's HANGED not HUNG for fuck's sake who is editing these things?!"



"The Slavic influence in the language and names warms my heart. Diversity!"



"Pace is still not as great as I want it to be but we're travelling so hopefully soon it will pick up again."



"This is the third time Sonya has been abandoned. Whatever happened to introducing people or making sure they knew where they were going/doing? How rude."




"Seriously why is she not being introduced? She's an empath, not a fucking mind reader. How is she supposed to know what to do?"



"Why are these high fantasy girls always so fucking rude to the princes? Are they not aware they are outranked? Why does no one punish them? Imagine if someone like that treated real royalty the same way. They'd probably be murdered."



"I don't follow this logic. Sonya's told the old emperor staged Valko's murder and Anton was raised to think he was heir when he wasn't, and all of a sudden she abruptly starts thinking maybe Valko isn't the true heir and there's a conspiracy. Which is obviously where the plot is going but the leap of logic is illogical."



"I'm sick of boys in power sexually assaulting girls and the girls aren't sure if they like it."



"omg no"



"'The day passed with maddening slowness.' Oh my god, so is this novel."