Night Study - Maria V. Snyder


"It's like catching up with an old friend you haven't seen in years and you just slip back into the friendship as if you saw them every day. Welcome back to the world with open arms."



"Caught completely by surprise by Leif's point of view. I'm frustrated all the male voices are third person. I'm also frustrated that we don't get a second female POV. Seems to be cementing Yelena as the sole female in a group of men, a trope often found in female-lead urban fantasy, what I call 'chicks with dicks.' Onora's female, but we don't get her POV."



"Finally, Valek you sweet thing!"



"I love it when the plot twists in a way you don't see coming because you're too busy trying to figure out all the mysteries."



"Reaching the point where at the end of each chapter I want to skip the next ones to keep the current plot going, but every chapter's like that..."  



"This twist is possibly the coolest thing that has happened in the entire Study series."


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