Understand the Unknown - Katherine Applegate

Narrator: David

My rating:

2 of 5 hearts

The EverWorld gang find themselves trapped underwater in Neptune’s realm and must escape before the psychotic god decides to murder them for no reason.

Oh boy, I’m tired of this series. I’m tired of filler books with no substance where nothing happens. I’m tired of this gang of characters who aren’t even friends but have to stick together. And most of all, I’m tired of Applegate trying to make things that don’t make sense make sense.

Welcome to EverWorld.

This book mostly takes place underwater, in a bubble within a bubble within a bubble. I don’t even know. It didn’t make much sense. The kids could breathe water thanks for Neptune, yet they moved between water bubbles and air bubbles. Mermaids walked on the tips of their fins. There was horse racing of actual horses way underwater, but the audience were in water while the racing was in air.

It’s not so much that it didn’t make sense, but it wasn’t consistent.

Because of the inconsistency it wasn’t that enjoyable. That, and the only thing that propelled the plot forward was David meeting a goddess in the real world who demanded Senna be murdered. Then they escaped Neptune’ world and made it to Atlantis where they met some guy from the real world who told them his sad story for no reason then helped them escape.

And the ending was crap, too. Like, I don’t even know what anyone’s doing and then it suddenly stops in one of the worst cliffhangers ever.

This book fails.

Bring on the end.