Prom Impossble -  Laura Pauling


Oh, they're TWINS. All this time I thought Carter was Cassidy's younger brother. And I have to wait until 67% to find out?! ARGH THIS BOOK.



"Yes." I laughed/sobbed.

OH MY GOD PICK ONE. Just one. Or maybe rewrite that part so it's not so fucking ridiculous.



One of the boys always shows up exactly when and where Cassidy needs them, utterly convenient to the plot. They aren't characters, they are plot devices.



NO CASSIDY DO NOT STEAL A CAR YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH! Have you learned nothing? What is the point of this novel?!



WTF Cassidy. Stealing your uncle's car is one thing but stealing a limo is another entirely. You seriously need to go to jail.



HOW CAN SHE NOT BE IN TROUBLE? SHE STOLE TWO CARS. COUNT THAT: ONE, TWO. Seriously, what is wrong with these people????!!!!!!