"In my experience, if it’s not good by 50 pages in, then it’s never going to rebound. It’s hard to quit books and this is something I’ve gotten better at very slowly overtime. By putting down books that you aren’t excited to read, you’ll get through a lot more of ones that you are."


How I Read 60 Books a Year by Taylor Pearson


There's so much more that I want to say about this, but I'm not sure I can put it all in this one post.


I think it's important to quit books that aren't working for you. I'm not a fast reader (any more - I used to be, but I have a life now) and I'll procrastinate books I'm not enjoying. I can take a month (or several!) to read something I'm not enjoying, and a day to read something I am.


But I get this sense of duty that I 'have' to finish it, or that when I quit I need to be able to justify why. It needs to be a pretty bad book for me to quit. I need to be able to show any fanpoodles exactly why their favourite book sucks, because reviewers are so often attacked over having a different opinion that I can use my justification for quitting as a defence.


I think I've quit around 15 or so since I started blogging two years ago, but I have wanted to quit maybe half a dozen more that didn't improve by the end. There was maybe one or two books at most that I considered quitting that did improve, but the odds are with me. Odds are if the book sucks early on, it won't magically 'get better'.


Mostly I feel the need to finish, or to justify just how bad the book was when I do quit, because other reviewers disguised as rabid fanpoodles like to accuse people of being unable to form an opinion on a book if they didn't read the whole thing.


This is because THEY liked the book and THEY finished it.


Your opinion on what you read is equally as valid if you read 10 pages, 50 pages, 100 pages or the whole book.


I guess what I'm trying to say is peeps, if you're reading a book that is NOT filling you with joy, PLEASE QUIT. We do this for a hobby, to make us feel good. There's a better book out there waiting for you. You're destined to hold hands and skip off into the sunset together.


Now I just need to gather enough confidence to follow my own advice.