...these people [who post consumer product opinions] have no work ethic...

https://www.facebook.com/annericefanpage/posts/10152471053570452?comment_id=10152472795735452 Adalet Bircan 


Gee.   I have enough of a work ethic that from my own paycheck I can buy books to read and pay my bills. Oddly, I have never posted online demanding anyone provide me a livelihood. And other than a few weeks of vacation each year, I have worked full-time since I was 14 and part time even before that.  No one has ever supported me other than my parents before I was a teenager.  Frankly, even on vacations I have responded to and resolved work related issues.  And I volunteer for lots of community efforts and nonprofits including bully and rape prevention.


Not that I expect a reasonable definition of what "work ethic" means from uploaders who think a star rating is the definition of bullying.  *gag*

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