I saw a link on Facebook to an author with an interesting-sounding name, so, intrigued, I clicked on the link to her page.

  • No contact information.
  • No link to a website, or Amazon, or even Goodreads.
  • No idea who her publishers are.

Due to the images she used as a cover photo and profile photo, she looked like a romance author, so I shrugged and was ready to close the window until I saw in her 'About' section that she actually writes Urban Fantasy.

Which is a genre I read.


Now, I have a thing about covers, and I was interested in knowing how she marketed historical romance covers if she writes Urban Fantasy.

I scrolled down until I found a promotional post that linked to her official page.

Go to official page.

  • No contact information.
  • No book information.
  • No links to anywhere I can find book information (Amazon, B&N etc)
  • It's full of praise, character profiles, and links to trailers, Facebook, Twitter, blog etc.
  • Still no book information.

I've been to two different sites and I still don't know the name of any of this author's books.


Authors, please don't do this. Make it easy to find what the name of your book is!


(I just want to add, I thought from the number of 'likes' on her Facebook page that she'd have a substantial number of books out, and reviews to go with it. Word of mouth and all that. But from over 4.5K likes, she has 2 books, and one of them only has 9 reviews on Goodreads [yes, I actually looked her up]. The other has zero. This seems like a strange way to use social media!)