Anne Rice It's not uncommon for my books to be called the worst ever published. Again, authors like me aren't the issue here with these bullies. They target vulnerable indie and young authors. These bullies have a very low opinion of authors in general, and post continuously about "bad behavior" by authors in the Amazon Forums and the new, indie author is undoubtedly their preferred target.

"Bullies" actually have a high opinion of authors in general...which is why they're so disappointed and outspoken when authors have "bad behavior". And unfortunately, indie authors are the most common "badly behaved". Michel Brideau I definitely do not agree with cyber bullying. However I do wish STRGB had less of a "fight fire with fire" approach. There is a whole lot of name calling and ridiculing and it comes across as a tad unprofessional. These thugs may deserve it, but the site would be more impactful if they remained neutral while exposing the facts.

Ooh, this didn't get deleted! People who really hate an author's books just don't read them. They move on. Bullies go to work on the author for fun and sport. That's the difference.

Considering how Athelissa has gone after Jenny Trout, Nenia Campbell, et al - WHO ARE AUTHORS - that must mean even AR thinks Athelissa's a bully? Anne Rice These gangster bullies want to silence and destroy the authors they target. They want to control access to authors. They trick the customer with their relentless campaigns against their targets.

Yes, they want to "silence and destroy" Trout, Campbell, etc, who are "authors they target". But what does "control access to authors" mean? Authors CHOOSE to have websites, Facebook, Twitter, et al. And if they choose NOT to, they can delete/deactivate their accounts. Many authors choose not to display their email address, and some don't even have a Contact form. AUTHORS control access to themselves. There's no "tricking" the customer" - they simple present a different opinion, and the customer can decide for themselves. Adalet Bircan Anne, this person obviously has a variation of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). All this attention is feeding some need of hers, especially from a world-renowned author (who is loved by many, btw). All of her tactics are just that - tactics designed to get a rise. Bullies do what they do to get attention for themselves - create drama and victimize people.

Uh, did you just equate Borderline Personality Disorder with being a "bully"? Because that sounds rather ableist... Anne Rice It is certainly not associated in my mind with ghettos are minorities at all. Gangster thug strikes me as appropriate because they do travel in gangs, strike in gangs and whistle up their gangs for concerted bullying; and they are anti-social and dishonest. So I'll stick with gangster thug.


No one on the Internet has ever whistled for me. Possibly because I'm not a dog, and thus don't respond to whistles. And if they're "anti-social", then they would be alone, and therefore not travel in a "gang". So are they social or not? They can't be both. Mysti Parker Most of the bullies (from those I've seen) are middle class white women. They're sitting in their nice houses or workspaces while doing their thuggery.

I take it she is not an FBI profiler. And the only way she'd know if someone has "nice houses or workspaces" was if she stalked their addresses, and physically peeked through the windows "while doing their thuggery". Anne Rice You're asking that I give it a rest because these peopler have not hurt or confused you? Why don't you simply ignore the topic and move on. Obviously many other people have been affected by this, and I think there are valid reasons to spread the word.

And yet YOU IGNORED people when they offered proof of the website's misdeeds, and YOU DIDN'T SPREAD THE WORD. Anne Rice But I have never heard of any customer or person ever being "misled" or "damaged" by a fake good review. I trust people can see these for what they are. But authors have been hurt by the bullies, by their meanness, by their lies, by their misrepresentation of situations, and by their concerted attempts to destroy authors.

Oh, really? I'm sure there are many people who were fooled into reading a book because of all the 5-star reviews, and who were dismayed to find that the book was maybe a 3-star at best. Yes, they were damaged, because they SPENT MONEY ON A BOOK THAT WASN'T WORTHY OF THEIR HARD-EARNED CASH.



Also, what about the website's "misrepresentation of situations, and by their concerted attempts to destroy authors", such as how they've treated Trout, Campbell, et al? Anne Rice If I had to pick one word to characterize the anti-author bully problem on Amazon it would be the word "unkind."

Then why don't you call it "unkind" instead of "gangster bully"?

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