Twilight -

I started reading this in September 2013. I think it's about my fourth reading.


Some thoughts from this time around:


Bella can't take a hint. Edward's clearly not interested and is always trying to push her away, but she's so desperate she'll do anything to stick around.


They argue all the fucking time. She is genuinely frightened of his mood swings and he always, always gets his own way. That's a beautiful relationship right there /end sarcasm.


Bella freaking cried when he forced her to go to the prom, even after she made it clear she didn't want to go. Bella's choice is constantly being taken away from her. This is the same as rape fantasy: when the choice is taken away, the woman is free to enjoy herself because she didn't choose to have sex, she didn't consent. The same is with Bella: her choices don't matter to Edward, he's going to force her to do anything he damn well wants, and Bella will enjoy it because the choice was taken away from her and she's free to indulge in silly girly pastimes, because she doesn't want to but she might as well enjoy it.