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Almost Human is a futuristic cop show where one human cop is paired with a robot cop due to technology, weapons, drugs and crime etc growing out of control. The human cop John is Karl Urban, which is all kinds of awesome, and the android cop is Dorian, played by the incredibly beautiful Michael Ealy.


I've watched the first three episdoes and LOVE it. Dorian is a special android, whose line was discontinued because of a 'synthetic soul' that made them 'too human.' Which means that Dorian is all kinds of emotional, not entirely logical, and experiences life more like a human than a robot (and not bad to look at - those blue eyes are natural!). His banter with John borders on the bromantic, and we need to be constantly reminded that he's not human by showing off his robot abilities.


I had a major crush on Karl Urban when I was a teenager. Sadly I got over it the same time he saved his beard and cut off those long Eomer locks, but he's still a good actor. It's great seeing a Kiwi playing a leading role in a JJ Abrams show, even if the rumour is it's not getting a second season.


I have noticed in this TV show that there are a lot more visible non-white actors than other mainstream shows, so that's a plus. I mean sure, there's still the issue of the lead being a brooding, quiet, ultra-masculine middle-aged white guy and the sidekick being black while the love interest was easy to spot from a mile off, but John's boss is a woman, his ex-girlfriend is mixed race, and many of the other android types come in all different skin colours, so that's a plus.


You know, Fox has a history of screwing over awesome TV shows (and apparently played the episodes out of order), so despite the fact that this show doesn't pass the Bechdel test I'm hoping it will follow in the path of Firefly and become a cult hit.


I think the US season finished in early March. It hasn't screened in Australia yet. Did anyone else see it?