Grim - Christine   Johnson, Ellen Hopkins, Julie Kagawa, Amanda Hocking

You missed all my lovely updates on these short stories because I read the rest of them whilst lounging around in my big, beautiful bed, where I don't have access to Booklikes, so here's everything in one big dump:


Beast/Beast by Tessa Gratton

Oh my god that story was so beautiful I'm sobbing. I've had an emotional day but still. 5 well deserved stars. Who is this Tessa Gratton I need all her books.


The Brothers Piggett by Julie Kagawa

That was AMAZING! Beautiful use of the fairytale elements. Five stars!


Untethered by Sonia Gensler

It's amazing what this story turned into considering what it's based on. It also blew my mind - totally not what was expected. 4 stars.


Better by Shaun David Hutchinson
Totally original sci-fi reimagining. Totally awesome. I want a full length novel of that story. 5 friction stars.


Light It Up by Kimberly Derting
An interesting take on the Hansel and Gretel story, nice use of the elements of the fairy tale, but it just didn't do as much for me as some of the other stories. 3 stars


Sharper than a Serpent's Christine Johnson
I really REALLY do NOT like the idea of someone being punished for doing the right thing, especially when it comes to sexual assault, but apart from that this was an ok read 3 stars.


A Real Boy by Claudia Gray
Totally sweet philosophical story. Loved it. 4 stars.


Skin Trade by Myra McEntyre

Did not like this AT ALL. Hated the way it was written. Like i was only getting half a story. Also, unresolved ending. 1 star."


Beauty and the Chad by Sarah Rees Brennan

Wow, this was really... odd. And quirky. And all kinds of awesome. 4 stars."


The Pink by Amanda Hocking

*shrugs* I guess this was kind of ordinary, a straight retelling. Nothing particularly awesome and it left a lot of fhe elements of the original out, the inclusion of which I believe may have made if stronger. But it was based on a weird tale anyway. 2 stars.


Sell Out by Jackson Pearce
I was really looking forward to this one and am surprised that a story from an author so well known for fairy tale retellings can be so lacklustre. 5 stars for originality, 3 for execution.