Thanks to Grim for inspiring this share fest!


I recently hit 400 followers and Grim's right, this is a great opportunity to let people get to know me a bit better.



1.      I was bullied for being tall(er) and strong(er than boys) as a child. I retreated into being ultra-feminine so they’d leave me alone, and have been working hard ever since to reconcile mainstream femininity with who I really am. It crosses over. I love Disney Princesses and pink things, but because I chose to, not because they’re girly. Fuck the haters.


2.      I have always been tall, and this led to people treating me differently. One time one of my daycarers mocked me because I couldn’t swim. I was five years old. She thought I was about eight or nine. Other times I was left in charge of other kids because I was taller and more mature. An eighteen year old hit on me when I was twelve. He thought I was about seventeen. I was thirteen when some fifteen year olds asked me to buy them cigarettes (18 age law in Australia).


3.      I was sexually assaulted when I 11. I already looked like a woman, and my elderly neighbour groomed me for months and then tried to rape me (I was his dog walker). I fought him off (and was terrified he’d come to my house and ask to see me to finish the job), but I have since learned that a lot of girls aren’t that lucky. He died when I was 14 and my parents thought I was afraid of an open casket, which is why I didn’t go to the funeral, but in reality there was no way this pervert was getting my respects. I only told them what really happened when I was 18.


4.      I only told my parents what happened because my ex-boyfriend of nearly 3 years sent me a nasty letter 6 months after the break-up detailing how it was all my fault he left me and calling me a coward for not telling anyone why I was so fucked up about men. So I guess he was good for something. I bumped into him in the supermarket for the first time in 10 years a few months ago and he didn’t even acknowledge me. I was with my very tall, imposing, fierce-looking fiancé, though…


5.      I’m getting married this year! I met my fiancé on the internet and we had a 3 year long-distance relationship because we were young and had no money. I lived with him in his country for 2 years. Now we live in rural Australia. I’m still fucked up about men, but he helped me through all of my issues and I love him. He’s my soul mate.


6.      I’m a really good singer. People aren’t meant to boast about stuff like that but I am. I have a good, strong range and control over my vibrato. I’ve been in big shows like Cats and Les Miserable, and had lead roles in my college musicals. I don’t so much like the acting aspect anymore, so I stopped. I also get shy when people compliment me, and I don’t like them to stare or gasp in awe at my voice (or say ‘whoa’ when I really let it go), so I don’t sing much nowadays.


7.      I am a shy introvert, yet people don’t understand how I can’t break the ice but can prance around onstage in front of thousands of people and sing.


8.      I’m an anonymous reviewer for a really cool reason, but I can’t tell you why. I wish I could. I’m not a spy or a rock star, but I do need to worry about my security. Sorry.


9.      One set of grandparents are immigrants from different European countries. The other set is really mixed. I have nearly no Australian blood in me, and I’m one eighth Asian, although you can’t tell. I’m also naturally blonde.


10.  I got in trouble a grand total of twice in my entire school life. The second time I had a breakdown and was off school for a couple of days because my math teacher had bullied me leading up to this. I filed an official complaint but he had tenure so they couldn’t do anything, even though they’d had complaints before. I got a tutor and didn’t acknowledge him for the rest of the year, and graduated with a high grade. He’s dead now and I’m grateful, because I was great at maths and I could have pursued that if I wasn’t bullied for two years of my life by my math teacher. I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone else.




11. I'm straight, but an ally. I believe in equality for all. However if you're into pedophilia or bestiality sorry, you're on your own. For some reason a lot of bisexual women want to seduce me. I never quite worked out why.


12. I'm fat. I'm owning it. I'm loving it. Fat girls can be beautiful. It took me a long time to realise that, but I'm finally growing happy in my own skin. I actually did it mostly to protect myself from men - only those who wouldn't hurt me would want to date a fat girl, right?


13. I have been stalked. She was dedicated. When I moved countries to live with my fiance, a girl who was formerly my friend also moved to the same country under the guise of 'also' being in a LDR, living close to where I was. She stalked my personal blog, and sent nasty messages trying to break my fiance and I up. She tried to find out where i lived and complained that we should have been supporting each other, both being expats, but I started to be more careful about my online presence. When we announced he got his visa to move to Australia, she immediately dumped her 'soul mate' and moved back before we did. Now she works at our favourite restaurant, so we can't even go there. This is part of the reason why #8.