As you know (or should if you're new), I'm a huge Disney Princess fan. I have all of the soundtracks of the Renaissance and Millennium princesses and they're on pretty even rotation. I know all the words to all the songs.


My fiancé, he indulges me. Recently he took me to see Frozen again at the cinema, mostly so he could sit and watch my reaction. Because those films make me happy, and he likes to see me happy.


This was the second time he's heard the songs. Now when he hears me singing them around the house, he tries to join in. But because he hasn't heard them lots like I have, he gets them slightly wrong. This is what happens:


Our mental synchronisation can have but one explanation:




He's adorable, but every time there's a break in the singing for a breath, he yells "Sandwiches!"


Ahhh, I love him.


(We are very mentally in sych and often think the same thing at the same time, or finish each other's sentences, and yes, we do actually finish each other's sandwiches!)