Caught by Menace  - Lolita Lopez

I don’t normally review erotica so I’ll keep this brief.


This was fantastic. Although it still had elements of BDSM, it was nothing this BDSM-hatin’ gal couldn’t handle (triggers, yo!). The heroine Naya had real, genuine problems and abandonment issues. Menace was a fuckin’ hottie. I don’t say that very much because too often male leads are written to be jerks, brooding bad boys, and all-around manipulative assholes. Menace was none of these. This hulking 7 foot tall warrior was respectful, required consent at every moment, genuinely loved Naya, and even though he was alpha there was none of this rape fantasy caveman crap going on. That, I tell you, is incredibly sexy. I get that some women are so repressed they get off on rape fantasies but this is not one. Menace was sweet and dedicated and courteous, never rude or demeaning or condescending even in his alpha role. That’s totally fucking hot.


In comparison to Grabbed by Vicious, Menace knew how to treat a lady from the get go and never pushed her beyond what she was ready for. Naya was a more well-rounded character than Hallie. The plot was way better developed. I love seeing all the boys pop up and am looking forward to reading Venom’s story next. Terror? Not so much. I’m not so into the cocky assholes, although I do believe he simply needs the love of a good woman. I’m a softie at heart, just like Menace. I’ll be for sure re-reading this, and maybe skipping over the BDSM and MMF. Their vanilla sex was hot enough.