It Felt Like a Kiss - Sarra Manning


A few pages in and I'm already cackling. Love Manning's wit.



Holy crap, this is jumping between modern day and 1986. i suspect it is the story of Ellie's conception but i had no idea i'd be getting dual narratives.


Also 5%

"It was at moments like this that Ellie felt like a proper grown-up, though most proper grown-ups probably didn't have to remind themselves they were proper grown-ups." Story of my life.



"...everyone else in the van knew that only Voldemort and Ellie's dad were the two names that you never, ever mentioned."

Harry Potter reference FTW!



He's [love interest] skinny with great hair so now I am imagining David Tennant doing his Oxford accent.



Ellie being criticised for being too straight and uptight and stressing out about everything reminds me of the parts of myself I think other people criticise, too. Way too close to home. Ouch.



Oh my god the bastard. What a nasty undignified rat.




"She had to make do with hissing at the pair of them like an enraged swan."



I'm finding it hard to find something appealing about David because he's got his own agenda and he's a cold hearted bastard, but I want Ellie to be happy and I want them to end up together even though I don't particularly like him.