Waterfell - Amalie Howard

"And despite throwing myself at him on the first night, when we came back to his place after I downed a wine cooler, he sent me to have a nice long shower and put me to bed. In the guest room."
Don't you think that the most interesting, angsty, vulnerable moment in the whole damn book should have been shown, not told? I'm sure there are MANY other places that could have been recapped in the place of this. WHY WAS THIS NOT INCLUDED?



"She thinks you've kidnapped me and are forcing me to go all Fifty Shades on you."
"It wouldn't be forcing, would it?" Lo says.
This interests me because the book is about domination and force, and forcing Ana to commit acts she doesn't want to or is uncomfortable with, including but not limited to rape. So 'forcing' someone to go 'all Fifty Shades' is in effect forcing them into being forced by sheer force. Also, it's not sexy. At all.