...like I'm drowning under the weight of so many books to review...


And I still need to finish re-reading Divergent, and then read Insurgent and Allegiant so I can fearlessly wade through spoilers without my heart getting broken.


And I have obligations to authors.


And Netgalley once more has its me under it sweet, sweet spell.


It's just that when Harlequin says to me, "Hey kid, want a book? WE VALUE YOUR OPINION!" I kind of go, "Who, me? Awwww shucks! OK, I'll have this one and this one and this one and this one..."


I blame Harlequin.


And the funny thing? I don't even like romances. Ha. Ha ha. Ha.


At least the Animorphs re-read will be over in six books.


*rechecks schedule*