Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2) - Aimee Carter
See this review and more on The Moonlight Library!No, seriously. The hell? Was this fanfiction? Fanfiction of a novel which is a modern-day retelling of a Greek myth?Where was Awesome!Kate? I looked through the ENTIRE book for her. Where was the mouthy, sassy, confident young woman of the first book and novella? Where was the verbal slapdowns? Where was her sure-footed consistency in knowing she was doing the right thing, even if the other gods didn’t believe she was? Where was my feisty girl?Instead I was treated with a book made of 90% angst, girl hate, jealousy, more angst and girl hate, more romantic jealousy, angst, no communication, misinterpreted meanings, and angst. Did I mention the angst?I mean, come on, I like angst in my teen fiction. It’s one of the reasons I read YA. But seriously? This novel had NO substance. It was just girls hating each other and being bitchy and Kate constantly worrying if Henry loved her and then deciding she would leave but not really because she just wanted a reaction out of Henry. Can you say ‘tease’? And some sub-plot of Cronus the Titan wanting to kill everyone. And Calliope being jealous of Kate, and Kate being jealous of Persephone, who was totally characterised as some kind of femme fatale cocktease. She’s clearly a selfish bitch, you know, because OMG SHE LEFT HENRY AND HE LOVED HER HOW COULD SHE?Speaking of our favourite Underworld King, we were forced to endure Cold-hearted!Henry for 90% of the book. Swoon-Worthy!Henry only showed up in the last 10 %.The last 10%.Aimee Carter held out on giving me Henry swoons for 90% of this stupid-assed novel, and then only gave me a teeny tiny scrap of him at the end and then took him away again!I liked The Goddess Test even though it had some huge flaws in it, but I didn’t find anything redeeming in Goddess Interrupted. It took me over a month to read it. I normally read two books a week at least. This book’s plot was slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Kate was thoroughly unlikeable, as was Henry. Persephone – who could have been an awesome character – was written to be Kate’s competition and therefore mostly a bitch. The characters were inconsistent with the previous novel, and there was way too much angst. I was especially angry when Carter decided the first god to give up would be Ares. You know, the god of war. I know him as this guy:Does he really look like the kind of guy to give up on a fight?I DIDN'T THINK SO.Overall, I was extremely disappointed by this novel. This is my very first one star review. It took me over a month to struggle through this novel. The only reason I finished it was because I also own and would like to review the next novella and novel in the series. If I did not have these books, perhaps I would have given up on this novel and not reviewed it at all. I cannot recommend it as either good literature or an exciting, fun story. It was simply a chore, and that makes it even more disappointing because I enjoyed The Goddess Test so much.One more Kevin Tod Smith Ares photo, OK?