If Puppies Could Talk: The Words Behind the Wiggles - Dana Bottenfield
See this review and more on The Moonlight Library!Obviously this book had a lot of potential, what with it being about cute puppies and including pictures on every page. It could have been a whole lot more imaginable if, for instance, the words were written first and then a suitable photograph was found. Instead, it’s obviously written the other way around (photos first, then ‘cute’ things puppy would say). Unfortunately it’s also a misleading title because it’s not just things puppies might say, but quotes about dogs as well. Add into this that more than half of the photos are taken from Shutterstock and I simply can’t believe that much effort was put into this book.It’s fiction! It’s humour! I know some people will yell. Yes, but that doesn’t mean it has to simply collect things in the public domain. Anyone could have written this book, and it is a very poor reflection of its author.