Endlessly  - Kiersten White
See this review and more on The Moonlight Library!Whilst I was initially beyond excited for Paranormalcy, and anticipating Supernaturally, I was in the end disappointed with both. I found the writing juvenile – much younger than Evie’s sixteen years – and although the plot was good, Evie frustrated me as a selfish character with no motivation in her action, and quite a scattered thought process.I am however pleased to announce that I found Endlessly a fitting end to the trilogy and also way ahead of its predecessors in terms of writing technique. White seems to have abandoned her lack of sense making thought processes and ability to skip right past character motivations to deliver an Evie who acts purely out of selfish intent. Evie’s main plan during this novel is to resist doing what others want her to do in order to rescue those she cares – not for their own benefits, mind you, but so that they can have the pleasure of hanging out with her. That’s right: throughout the entire novel, Evie not once thinks that these particular people need to be rescued for their own good, but for hers. At least it’s an improvement over her random motivationless actions in the previous books.Evie also resists doing what everyone else wants her to do purely out of stubborn rebelliousness. She will resist helping even when it is in the other person’s best interest purely to resist doing what someone else wants her to do. This is resistance is not because she feels it is wrong or is actively against it, but is a rebellion for no cause. I found this aspect of her personality incredibly frustrating and very selfish, but Evie has demonstrated a lot of this in the trilogy and stays true to her character. Again and again other characters try to explain to Evie that being manipulated into doing the right thing is not necessarily a bad thing, but she refuses to listen until close to the novel’s climax.The plot was easy to predict – it sticks close to the YA trope of the heroine getting everything she’s ever wanted. I was uncomfortable whenever the fairy ex-boyfriend was around as I felt Evie’s resolve towards him softening, but her loyalty to Lend never wavered. White’s writing lacked the usual juvenile angle but Evie still seemed a lot younger than her now seventeen years.Overall Endlessly was a fitting end for the Paranormalcy trilogy and even if you weren’t enchanted with the first two books like I was, I recommend finishing the series just to confirm what you always suspected would happen.