Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett
See this review and more on The Moonlight Library!Rose is having trouble controlling her temper. She’s a freshman, her dad was recently blown up in Iraq, she’s crazy about a boy who already has a girlfriend, and her best friend has been brainwashed by the school’s cheerleading team. She has no one to turn to and nothing to lose. Of course she’s angry.I really liked Confessions of an Angry Girl. It’s different to the usual Harlequin fare – I didn’t feel it was particularly romantic. I really liked Rozett’s writing: I don’t usually like present tense narration, but not only did it fit in Angry Girl, but it surpassed my expectations and caught me off guard. I absolutely loved Rose’s voice. It felt very realistic to me. I’m not a teenager, but I do remember what it’s like to be the goody two-shoes of your high school, so I sympathised with Rose a lot – especially because she was trying to do the right thing most of the time.I liked Jamie – I didn’t find him swoon-worthy, but as I said earlier, this story didn’t feel like the focus was on the romance. I did however also find him very realistic. Boys are infuriating! I found myself comparing Jamie to Michael from Adorkable, who is possibly the most realistic portrayal of a teen boy I’ve ever read, and Jamie held his own. He was often at a loss of what to say, and often didn’t say much. I felt a bit like he was using Rose, but then again that’s teenage boys for you. Jamie had his own very complex backstory which I found interesting, but not enough to really fall for him. I’m not really into fictional crushes, anyway.I really enjoyed the plot of the novel and following Rose around in her head. She certainly didn’t display any of the supposed ‘large vocabulary’ she kept talking about, which was disappointing. However she was a smart cookie and she did the right thing when faced with horrible circumstances – which is more than I can say for your typical YA heroine! Rose was awesome. Sure, she held back on some issues –such as dobbing in who was bullying her – but I also felt that this was a realistic response. After all, bullying in high school often goes unreported or even unnoticed. I felt that the climax wasn’t as awesome as it could have been – the only reason I am rating this four stars instead of 5 is because I couldn’t tell what the climax was, and the whole thing kind of deflated at the end after going so damn strong for so long.But I certainly don’t regret reading this or think that any of it was a waste of my very valuable time.I am actually writing this review after having finished Angry Girl in record time (for me) and diving straight into Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend.I am now a huge fan of Louise Rozett and absolutely cannot wait until Book 3, which I am guessing might be called Confessions of an Awesome… something beginning with G. I seriously cannot wait for it.