The Attack - Katherine Applegate
Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!The Ellimist is playing a game with Crayak, so it’s high time he meddled in the affairs of lesser mortals, right? Now it’s up to Jake and the Animorphs, plus Erek the android Chee, to fight the most dangerous alien warriors in existence and save another really annoying alien species from total annihilation.The Attack is a fan-loved favourite, but I can’t really tell why. It’s one of those novels that could very easily be skipped and not miss anything important in the overall story arc – except that Jake and Cassie finally get it on… and by ‘get it on’ I mean KISS because for god’s sake this is a children’s book series, get your mind out of the gutter.But overall the story is set on another planet and basically the Animorphs have to fight the Howlers to the death, except that the Howlers are literally made to kill other sentient species and are completely undefeated. Except that the Animorphs are intelligent, yo, and the Howlers do have one or two weaknesses: a collective memory, and they are all children and think killing other species is a game. So when Jake and the Animorphs upload their own memories into one howler, and Crayak is forced to wipe them out to preserve the entire race, the Animorphs win and one memory gets through: Jake and Cassie’s kiss.That’s basically it. The Animorphs spend most of their time on the move and attempting to fight the howlers, who seem undefeatable. The Howlers are going to attempt to kiss every planet they invade. It’s not particularly short in comparison to the other novels, but it’s also not as exciting as everyone seems to think it is. I also think that Ax doesn’t get a very good portrayal in this book but that’s just me.Overall, unless you want to see the famous kiss, then it’s okay to skip this one. You won’t miss much.