The Extreme - Katherine Applegate
Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!The Animorphs get a lead from Erek the Chee that the Yeerks are planning to beam Kandrona rays from a secret location directly into the Earth’s atmosphere, so that every swimming pool, lake and puddle becomes a potential Yeerk pool. With no plan and little preparation, the Animorphs hitch a ride with Visser Three (instead of trying to kill him, because it’s a kids book, yo) to the secret location and find themselves stranded in the North Pole.Sometimes the Animorphs books feel like a TV series. I know they made a TV series (it wasn’t that bad, was it?), but it feels like there’s a bunch of writers sitting around a big table brainstorming situations for the team to fall into. “South American jungle! The future! The Arctic!” Instead, it’s one writer who outlines the novel, and from now on (mostly) a ghost writer who pens the ‘episode’.This book feels like an ideas episode. Put the Animorphs in the Arctic, listen to Marco whinge about how cold it is, Cassie gets indignant because everything think she’d rather starve than eat seal meat, nothing much happens until they get some fire power in the shape of a polar bear, then one two three the bad guys are easily defeated, skip the Visser Three monster morph of the week and bim bam boom they’re home after allegedly flying the whole way in bird morph…It just felt a little lacking. Too much wandering in the snow and morphing wolves, seals, and polar bears and not enough time spent actually fighting the aliens. The Animorphs felt lost in this book, and I didn’t much enjoy being lost with them.But hey, that happens sometimes. It’s a long series.