Possession: An Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Novel - C.J. Archer

This review was originally posted on Young Adult At Heart

A strange little girl summoned an evil spirit into Jacob’s sister Adelaide, and it’s up to the only other spirit medium in London, Emily Chambers, a seventeen year old mixed-race middle class working girl, to stop him before he hurts someone. Also, Jacob is broody.

Possession brings us largely the same as The Medium in that Emily must investigate this strange ghostly possession and then race against time to overcome a villain who keeps slipping out of her hands. Luckily she is aided by George, whom we met in the last book and has a large library on the supernatural, and seems to be a bit taken with Emily, and we also meet Theo in this volume, who is a relative of a man who might have been able to help pinpoint Jacob’s killer. Emily now has two real-life gentlemen protectors who love her, so what does she need that brooding, annoying ghost for? Oh yeah, she’s still in love with him, even though he’s always freaking mad at her.

In this book we get to know Jacob’s sister Adelaide a bit better, and she’s adorable. But the best character we meet is a spoiler I can’t even talk about, so you’ll just have to read the book and find out.

Possession’s biggest weakness is the villain’s ability to slip away just as our team is prepared to overcome him. Sometimes it feels a little bit dragging. I, of course, understand the need for conflict, but because of the setting, there’s only so much coach riding and waiting around while Jacob investigates as only a ghost can and visiting people to enquire after them we can do before I get annoyed at the protagonists.