Up From the Grave - Jeaniene Frost



I’m not reviewing this for my blog but I am claiming it as part of Halloween Bingo and I do have some feels about the final book in the Night Huntress series so let me just say…


Breaking Dawn say what?


What a way to finish a series about a strong don’t need no man or family sassy kick-butt hunter of vampires and other nasties that go BOO in the night that to completely domesticate her by giving her a child she didn’t even have to do all the hard work for.


I feel like I’ve been completely blindsided by the entire series. The entire series lied to me. I’m supposed to just be OK with Cat and Bones going off with their new kid and imagining their lives as a vampiric family when it’s ALWAYS been just Cat and Bones? What are they going to do with the kid when they want to bang, which is frequently, and loudly?


Is it that Cat can’t be a complete woman unless she has the maternal experience of raising a kid?


Is having a kid the new happily ever after, after a couple get married?


I mean, Frost did an excellent job of keeping Cat and Bones monogamous and totally into each other the entire series and nothing cooled off after they got married, and it was awesome watching a married couple go off and kick butt together and then shag afterwards in relief they’re both still alive.


But a kid?


Thank god it’s the end of the series, in that case.


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