So last week was my birthday and my husband and I decided to go for a drive. We had a really nice day stopping in at various places and seeing what's changed around the state.


I've been sleeping poorly for the last few months, ever since my husband broke our bed and now I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor which I hate with a passion. I wake up frequently, sometimes choking and gasping for air. I'm constantly tired through the day. Sometimes I've caught myself falling asleep at my desk at work if it's warm and cozy enough.


And yes, before you say anything, it is signs of early sleep apnea and I've been to my doctor and he's recommended a sleep specialist to diagnose me officially but basically all that's going to do is try to sell me a thousand-dollar machine we can't afford. I'm just getting older and my body doesn't work the way it used to ten years ago.


It was early afternoon when I started feeling weary, so we decided to head home. My husband doesn't drive, which annoys the fuck out of me, so I'm stuck driving all around on my birthday and I feel the need for a nap but I want to get home. I almost drive off the road at one point, but it's in a country area and I gained control of the car quickly. I feel like that scare was enough to keep me awake.


Then we hit a downhill highway and before I know what's happening I'm asleep then I'm awake and realising we're about the crash into the barrier coming around a corner downhill, so I twist the wheel and one of the back tires hits the curb and pops and I control the car and move into the emergency lane and call for help to come change my tire. I was pretty calm because I was in shock, it wasn't until later that night when I saw my mother that I burst into tears and told her I almost killed us.



I fell asleep while driving and nearly killed my husband and myself and no one on twitter cares and no one who reads my blog cares and I just really wanted everyone to know that I almost died and it was scary as fuck.