Over the weekend I bought two new books and gushed to the bookseller about how awesome RUINED by Amy Tintera was, "You know those fantasy-lite books where the assassin doesn't actually kill anyone? Doesn't happen in Ruined!"


The bookseller, finding out I'm an ARC reader, mentioned a new adult fantasy by a male author coming out soon that she recommended based on the strength of the female lead.


I made the mistake of saying, "I don't really read male authors."


She pulled a face at me.


Rushing to defend myself I added, "Well, there are just so many of them. I prefer to support women and prefer the kinds of stories they write."


I'm not sure I convinced her.


It would be wrong of a man to say he doesn't really read female authors.


It's not that I think men are inept writers, it's just that the market is over saturated with men writing male stories about men, often with quite poor female representation, and I prefer to read YA (finding them usually stories for females by females), which is majority written by women.


Was I wrong to say I don't really read male authors? It's not that I actively avoid them, I'm reading a Garth Nix book right now. It's just that the market I prefer is YA, and I prefer stories about women, which tend to be often written by women.