Frayed - Kara Terzis


"This is going to need a lot of editing before it's ready for publication. Formatting is all over the place and incorrect words are rampant ("flawlessness skin"). On the plus side, it's a relatively quick read."



"I'm still not as enamoured as I want to be. There's some things that are being left as mysteries, such as what happened to Ava to give her acid burns? It seems like keeping a secret for the sake of keeping a secret, like who Jon Snow's parents really are in A Song of Ice and Fire."



"This is so far from ready for publication. There's inconsistencies in the narrative, such as Ava being suspended yet still going to school. Some girl is physically introduced to us but then doesn't say or do anything for half a page. I already knew Kesley was part of the gang so why is it such a revelation? But I feel invested in the story, so I want to keep going. This needs a thorough line edit and copy edit."



"Hmmm, another book where literally nothing has happened. Everyone says they want to find out who murdered Kesley, but no one's done any investigation, found no clues or evidence. At this point, the killer's reveal will be accidental and everyone can go back to their boring lives. I suspect 2 people, only one of them has motive."



""I remembered in eighth grade... but like the stubborn ninth grader I'd been..." Just an example of the editing that needs doing before release."