I am so offended no wait that's not the right word, angered? Upset? Annoyed?


Whatever, I'm so SOMETHING that a blogger suggested we need more male leads in YA literature because THINK OF THE BOY READERS OMG that i unfollowed them.


And then I told my husband and we literally said the EXACT SAME THING.


Literally every other genre bar romance, and every other media is dominated by male leads.

This is obviously why I married the man.


We don't need more male leads in YA because men dominate every other genre. When a man writes a YA book he's the 'savior of YA'.


Books with male leads even if they are written by women tend to be better received because of casual sexism ie Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Maze Runner, than those 'girly' books like The Selection and Twilight.


Females readers are expected to identify with and think of male leads as the Everyman (notice the MAN in that word?) character, whereas female leads are delegated to 'chick' roles that men couldn't possibly identify with /sarcasm.


Boys actually DO enjoy literature about girls and girl stories if no one points out that it's 'weird.'


I feel like this blogger has taken a look at the recent and upcoming Star Wars films and said 'Where are all the male leads for Star Wars?" and conveniently forgotten that there was literally like ONE female in the originals.


Seriously just fuck off.