The Silver Brumby (Silver Brumby Series, #1-4) - Elyne Mitchell

This book continues on from where Silver Brumbies of the South ended, with Baringa growing up and Dawn with foal. Baringa has to battle all of the elements, it seems, so he’s faced moving to a new kingdom, fire and snow and storm. The only thing left to conquer is flood, and unfortunately the flood steals his precious Dawn and Baringa has to spend most of the novel searching for her while Lightning creeps about being a creeper and generally getting into trouble.


I kind of feel sorry for Lightning, I mean it’s not really his fault that he’s not as awesome as Baringa. No one would ever mistake Lightning for Thowra, but he inherited his sire’s beauty and strength if not his wisdom. It’s kind of obvious Baringa is the favourite because he gets the most beautiful mares and he beats all the villains and everyone’s pretty much in awe of him. Imagine being Lightning, being this super-rare, super-beautiful silver brumby and playing second fiddle to your own nephew who’s younger and not as awesome.


Sometimes I wonder if they were trying to turn Lightning into a pseudo-Arrow because as much as Arrow bullied and harassed Thowra and Storm as colts, Lightning seems to have inherited that same sneaky, kind of jealousy toward Baringa that Arrow had and Storm never did. Lightning desperately wants beautiful Dawn for his own herd, but then he remembers he already has Goonda, and when she is almost stolen he realises he’d rather have Goonda than Dawn, which is kind of sweet.


Anyway despite there being loads of action and stolen mares and mares who leave their stallions willingly and mares who want to go with Thowra and end up with Baringa and mares who go with Lightning and end up with Baringa and stallions who come looking for their lost mares, the main story revolves around Baringa’s search and rescue of his beloved Dawn. Then, once he’s reclaimed her, he has to do like Thowra did when he became king of the Cascades and beat the resident nasty that Yarraman/Lightning couldn’t beat, the nameless black stallion, to claim his rightful title of Silver Stallion of Quambat Flat.


Even though, you know, Cloud kind of owns Quambat and I’m pretty sure even Thowra respects that.


Whatever. Baringa is the new Thowra. Deal with it.