Lirael - Garth Nix


More mahogany. It's the wood of choice.



I kinda feel like it's Lirael's own fault she's so lonely. There are others who try to include her but she uses her age and lack of Sight to remain anti-social, then envies those friendships she could have been part of. No one is stigmatising her but herself



For some reason I always imagine the Disreputable Dog as a German Shepherd - the real kind, not the deformed Crufts-winning sloped back thing.



Exactly one quarter through and we move on from Lirael to Sameth.



And back to Lirael. Although I did love Sam's bit, it show how he's afraid of Death now.



Mogget to the rescue!



I can understand why a lot of people would be frustrated with this book, there's a lot of Lirael exploring and Sam travelling and not much else (exciting) quite frankly I thought they met each other a lot earlier than this but I must be confusing it with the next book.



Here it is obvious that Lirael and Abhorsen are two parts of the same story, as there's only 8% left and that's not long enough to rescue Nick and defeat the necromancer and stop the excavation of the Lightning Trap and save the southerling refugees...



PS I don't understand how anyone can think this book has been 'hyped' when it was first released FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.