Sabriel - Garth Nix


"I'm pretty sure there's nothing I don't love about this book, but I haven't read it for some years now, so we'll have to see how I approach it now."



"Normally I HATE zombies, but there's something different about the undead in this series."



"Not sure why going into Death is so hard this time when she did it quite easily twice before, but then again, she is physically tired - but on the other hand, she's right at a door ajar, so it shouldn't be this hard to step through."



"It's not as if nothing has happened - quite a lot has happened. This book is as much about Sabriel's journey, as what happens when she gets there. Also, hello Mogget!"



"Hello, Touchstone! Bow-chicka-wow-wow."



"For a literary character, I think Touchstone sounds pretty hot. He's nice looking, has a nice voice, has dark curly hair (swoon!) and wears golden hoop earrings and a sleeveless shirt. Sounds yummy to me."



"Reputation is still so important. Touchstone doesn't want to sully Sabriel's reputation by having people think they're illicit lovers, so he announces himself as her sworn swordsman."



"When I was a teen I just thought that Charter Magic and Free Magic were two different types of magic ie good vs evil, but now I think Charter Magic controls Free Magic. Free Magic is Chaos, and Charter Magic is Order, and Charter Magic helps control corrupting Free Magic.

Maybe I already figured this out as a teen but I feel like it's a new revelation upon this re-read."



"On the one hand, kind of failed the mission. But on the other hand, was the mission really the rescue mission, or was it to become the new Abhorsen? Because at that, she totally rocked."



"I love how the Clayr call Sabriel 'cousin'. Because she literally has no family, but this massive support system of sisters and mothers and daughters and aunts and cousins consider her part of their family."



"On to the finale!"



"In the middle of the climax I have to go back to work, damn it."



"You know sometimes when you read a book that’s just so good you get kind of overwhelmed and when you finish it you just need to cry to let all of your feelings out? Yeah."