Beautiful Broken Things - Sara Barnard

I ended up having some intense feels about this beautiful book.


page 17

"Oh, they're English! I just assumed they were American. I fucking love books set in England. English girls are so fearless."


page 36

"I knew it would, but this is reminding me of my own now ex-best friend from my teenage years. We went to different schools too, although she was the wild, boy-obsessed all-girls school attendee while I was the studious co-ed."


page 48

"Caddy doesn't understand how someone so bright and cheerful could have traumatic triggers. My best friend in the whole world had the most horrific childhood that she had to leave the state due to triggers, and she's the brightest, most cheerful person I know, and also very beautiful inside and out, and I love her very much."


page 81

"My mum hated it when I cried, too. She'd always get mad and yell at her over-emotional daughter, making me feel like shit. She once spilled hot coffee on me then yelled at me because I cried from the burn. It didn't change me, though. I've always been emotional and I always will be. It's something my husband loves about me."


page 86

"Just had to ask my English husband what 'bolshie' meant. It's not a word I've ever heard of. Apparently it means ballsy, brave. Google says difficult, uncooperative. I can't help but think that in my experience of English girls, both descriptions are true."


page 102

"No no no, you don't want shampoo for COLOURED hair, you want shampoo for BLONDE hair. Trust me, they are two completely different things!"


page 190

"I absolutely love the way this friendship has been written. It feels so real and organic. My own teen BFF didn't work out but I recognise the passion and commitment to each other. If my teen BFF had chosen me over the boy she knew I liked, maybe we'd still be friends."


page 264

"Read a crap tonne at the doctor's waiting room but I needed to take a breather and digest and have a think before we go into the climax :-)"


page 275

"A friend of mine died when he fell through a skylight. That hit me a little too close to home."


page 297

"Oh god if what has happened is what I think has happened I'm going to be inconsolable. I'm already ugly crying, there's snot and everything. Please let her be OK."