Night Study - Maria V. Snyder

Caught completely by surprise by Leif's point of view. I'm frustrated all the male voices are third person. I'm also frustrated that we don't get a second female POV. Seems to be cementing Yelena as the sole female in a group of men, a trope often found in female-lead urban fantasy, what I call 'chicks with dicks.' Onora's female, but we don't get her POV.


I read a fantastic article once about the 'chicks with dicks' thing, which is about a female-led team where the female is little better than a man with boobs, and the rest of the team is male. Unfortunately, I've been searching for it and I can't find it again. It did criticise the all-male team by using the token female, even if the female was the leader. It happens in the Night Huntress books, which I also read.


So even though Onora's present, having all the other point of views being male does irk me a little.