Broken  - Marianne Curley


"I feel that the storytelling in this is really clumsy. One second Jordan punches Thane and the next he's all concerned for him? I don't get the motivation. And I don't see how Ebony can be in denial when she was growing freaking wings.



Using the 'ultimate power' seems to only be illegal because that introduces conflict to the plot.



I just don't get it. If it's Thane's destiny to defeat Luca, why is he in trouble?



Also, Jordan's totally ripped from training yet he is physically overwhelmed by Skinner? Either the training worked or it didn't. You can't have it both ways.



Once again, out of character actions to create unnecessary conflict. If Gabe truly believed Ebony and Jordan were getting it on, why would he hang around arguing with them and threatening them? He KNOWS they are guardian and charge. Also, what's the point of guardian and charge if they're meant to live in separate dimensions?