Yes!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania - Daniel Bryan, Craig Tello

What I had just done was not real; it was fiction. I fictionally bucked The Authority. I fictionally won a championship. I was surrounded by fiction, but succeeding in the fiction felt like a real accomplishment, and everyone around me was treating my success in the fiction as if it were a real accomplishment.


I normally read autobiographies by celebrities in the generation above me, which means their childhood and young adulthood had, for example, no internet. This keeps throwing me off because Bryan and I are both Gen Y.


I can't believe none of the adults thought better than to put 89 magic candles on a fucking ice cream cake.


Bryan should have just told immigration he was staying in the UK for a couple of weeks, not months. That's what I did, and then changed my flight home.


Bryan's a smart guy, but clearly not when it comes to self-preservation.


It's almost as if he doesn't understand why he's so popular. And I confess, I missed most of his WWE career. I mostly know him from Total Divas, on which he's a sweet, smart, lovely down to earth guy who cried at his wedding.


Bri and Bryan are SO CUTE. What a romantic first kiss - Valentine's Day in the rain.


It's so cute how Sheamus was worried the fans would turn on him at Wrestlemania 28, when he turned heel in 2015 and people chant "You look stupid!" He's a great heel. And really hot. And I like the mohawk!


Loving the behind the scenes tidbits like Kane saying Team Hell No was one of the most fun things he's done in WWE, and finding out Brie and Nikki mostly came back for Total Divas. LOL.


I had no idea the reality show Total Divas was so FAKE. The proposal? Rushed and set up. The engagement party? Total Divas flew everyone in. The wedding? Paid for by Total Divas to be the season finale. I still love Brie and Bryan but now I am cynical at how great their life looks.