The Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot


Read by Anne Hathaway herself, which is very meta, because you know they made a movie out of this book, and in the book series they made a movie too, which starred Anne Hathaway... so Anne Hathaway is reading her own story then playing a part in a fictionalised version of her own story.

My head hurts.



Wait, if Mia knows her dad runs Genovia, and she's been to Genovia and met Grandmere and stayed in her big fancy houses, does she already know she's a princess?!



Oh gee, she DIDN'T know her dad was a prince. The film makes more sense! You know, with her dad being dead and all.

Ugh, she didn't recognise his name or photo in the encyclopaedia. How dumb is the book version of Mia?!



Um, this book Mia is fucking stupid. She never figured out something fishy early on? At least film Mia had never been to Genovia, or met Grandmere, and her dad died which made her heir. It made much more sense she didn't know she was royal in the film.