So I'm totally into subscription boxes. Hubs gets LootCrate and I've been playing with the very few beauty boxes us Aussies get, but a few months ago I thought I'd like to receive Book Riot's new YA subscription box.


The problem is that it's about $50 for the subscription and another $30 for delivery to Australia.


And that's in US dollars, not Australian.


So after conversion it would be more like $100 AUS spent on a box containing two YA novels, one new and one popular (which I might already own or otherwise not want to read ie anything by John Green) and some goodies.


Look, if I lived in the US I would totally get it.


Having thought about it long and hard, and with the sad state of the Aussie dollar versus the US dollar, I've decided to cancel my subscription.


Instead, I'm going to spend my $100 directly on books and goodies I pick out myself.


Although I'm still pretty keen to watch the unboxing.