Ice Study - Maria V. Snyder

Ice Study is a recently expanded re-write of the previous Ice Study and serves as a prequel of sorts to Shadow Study. In it, Yelena and Valek must overcome a powerful magician set on reclaiming an artefact known as the Ice Moon, which has the ability to destroy all magic in the world, and even Janco pops up with a point of view.

Ice Study was the longest of the short stories and honestly, it probably could have been expanded into a full-length novel. There was a heap of new characters, action, deception, magic and alliances written into its short length, but it also serves as both a complete story on its own and as a set up to Shadow Study. It’s pretty much essential reading, so good thing it’s available for free on Snyder’s website.

In Ice Study, we see Yelena as always embroiled in something disastrous as she’s separated from her heart mate Valek. While the story is basic and straightforward, it does show some significant advances such as the use of null shields to block a magician’s magic and hoe dependent Yelena has become on her magic, which is refreshing because in Poison Study she was a complete rookie.

I think Ice Study should definitely be read before Shadow Study because it sets up an important plot point, but it’s also an enjoyable tale in itself, one of adventure and learning who to trust.