Power Study (Study, #3.5) - Maria V. Snyder

A fun little look at mostly Janco’s point of view as they are recruited by a Sitian magician to help hunt down a powerful blood weapon being abused by a green Sitian rookie.

I’ll be honest, Janco got on my nerves a bit. I like Ari’s calm stoicness. Janco never knows when to shut up and he’s clearly in love with himself. That being said, it was Janco’s brains that figured out how to overpower the bad guy, even though Ari normally takes the lead with the two.

This story apparently took place during the story of Fire Study, but I didn’t know the reference to the villain Rye, the magical scimitar, or the Sandseed clansman Janco annoyingly called Stripey. I understand they were off having their own adventure while Yelena and Valek were trying to save the world, but I just couldn’t figure out why this story was written. What was the point? How did it tie in with the full-length novels?

Worth it for Janco’s humour, but not essential.