I’ve already read and reviewed this book in 2012 so rather than write a review for this re-read, I’ve decided to post my fantasy cast for a film adaptation.


Yelena: Zoey Deutch

Why? Because she's perfect. She's tiny with dark features and showed in Vampire Academy that she can handle a lead role. And she's cute as a button while still being fierce. She's also currently 20 years old.

Valek: Luke Evans

Why? Just look at this beautiful man. He's shown he's incredible at action scenes but still believable enough for drama. And he's currently 35. And isn't that hair amazing?!

Commander Ambrose: Edward Hogg

Why? OK, I know this is a bit of a weird one, but if you'll remember, Commander Ambrose is [spoiler] actually a man trapped in a woman's body,[/spoiler] and Hogg has both the necessary physicality (he's only 5'10" and somewhat slightly built) and voice to pull it off. Plus, he's in his mid-thirties, and the Commander is meant to be about in his 40s or so.

Reyed: Freddie Fox

Why? I could have gone with the more traditional Jack Gleeson for most hated twat-face young adult villain, but I think Freddie's got this fabulous face and he could totally pull off being a psychopathic cunt.

Brazell: Ian McNeice

Why? I think he used to be ginger in his younger days, like Freddie Fox.

Mogkan: Bill Nighy

Why? Because every fantasy movie needs an evil old wizard.

Ari: Ray Stevenson

Why? He is a big sexy man and I'm a little in love with him. No, not really. I just think he'd pull off Ari's protectiveness and intelligence well, and he'd have great chemistry with...

Janco: Jason Statham

Why? Because I read Janco's description out to my husband and he immediately said, Jason Statham! I think he'd have a blast being prankster Janco, and you can never have too many big buff men in a film, as proved by 300...

Rand: Stephen Merchant

Why? I think this lanky Brit would do a lovely version of the kindly but misguided castle cook.

 Margg: Magda Szubanski

Why? This bubbly blonde would do well playing the dour-faced but loyal housekeeper.


Maren: Gwendolyn Christie

Why? Because you hear the words 'tall warrior woman determined to be the best' and this is what you get.

Irys: Angel Coulby

Why? There's just something about her. She looks like Irys in my head.

Have you read Poison Study?

What do you think of my dream cast?

Do you agree or do you have any alternatives you'd like to offer?