So I'm feeling pretty down atm because of my blog being suspended.


I wrote quick updates on Booklikes, Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook so my followers would know why I wasn't blogging.


FYI i have over 2500 followers over all my social media platforms. I figured some would actually care that I lost my blog.


I got one response on Twitter which is OK because I basically use it as promotion only. i got 2 responses on Facebook which is ok i guess despite the fact I have over 700 fans. Facebook's algorithms probably made it so no one saw the update in the first place.


By far the biggest support I've found was here on Booklikes. On Goodreads I got a couple of condolence comments. But here on Booklikes you guys went out of your way to make me feel better, offer condolences, make suggestions etc.


Booklikes is a better place than Goodreads.


I feel invisible on Goodreads. I feel like no one reads my reviews or even my status updates. I hardly communicate with anyone. Often when I do comment I'm the last one, so I feel like I kill a conversation. Maybe that's because I live in Australia so the conversation's over by the time I wake up. Just another reason for me to feel isolated.


I started blogging because of that isolation. I wanted to be part of this fabulous book community because there's not one where I live.


It used to be better on Goodreads years ago. Votes were generous. I made the top reviewers with ease. I often got comments on my reviews. Now I'm lucky if any review gets more than 1 vote. Radio silence everywhere.


Not that I think I'm fabulous and I 'deserve' this interaction. Not at all. But it's a different place than it was when i first started blogging.


I told my husband about this, about how I feel disillusioned with Goodreads, and how people are nicer and friendlier and we have a better community on Booklikes, and he said, "Didn't all the good people from Goodreads move to Booklikes?"


I guess he's right.


Thanks for being the wonderful community you are. Thanks for caring. Thanks for showing me how much you care when I really needed it.